I do have a very particular set of skills!

To ponder.

This game requires a specific skill set.

Traders need to be ‘wired’ in a definite way to be able to make money—they need to be able to:

  • React quickly to a large number of variables. 
  • Act with ruthless decisiveness.
  • Commit to a position, and in the next breath, can change their mind if necessary completely.
  • Cope with insane pressure.
  • Get knocked down and get back up again.
  • Stay strong and stay focused for long periods.

Patience, self-belief and self-confidence are essential skills of a trader. Can these traits be learnt? Or do we need to change our personality?

Regularly ask:

  1. How can I make more money from my winners?
  2. How can I lose less money from my losers?
  3. How can I get more trade ideas?

Tom Dante interview notes.

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