The fund—what’s happening?

Fund results, once posted, are guaranteed. Therefore, I only put them out there at intervals of about nine to fifteen months.

On the other hand, investors can enquire ‘how goes it’ often, weekly if you like.

The fund is up a bit on my last report.

Though I mostly day trade (very occasionally holding a swing overnight), the fund’s object is risk management first.

My experience is that trader’s misfortune is due to improper risk management (over-risk) or over-trading (or both).

Since realising this, my trading style has matured, even recently from the New Year until now.

In that time, we have had success and maintained that position by reducing the currency pairings I trade (actually down to one). A pairing that I, therefore, get to know exceptionally well.

Patience and discipline are crucial to trading this way.

My trade entries these days are decisive but at the same time incredibly selective. Much more so than previously.

I also now trade with more attention to the momentum generated by the market sessions. Namely the London and New York open and their subsequent pre- and post-periods.

Moreover, I am now more risk and goal orientated with my trading—based on one trade, on average, a day. And only one entry per market session, whether that be a win or a loss.

Our losses have to be smaller (much smaller) than our wins—that is an imperative aspect of my approach.

I will keep you apprised regularly on ‘how goes it’ with this subtle but significant change—maybe it will prove to provide a cumulative low-risk bumper boost?

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