How champions think

Thank you JB for the game of golf a few weeks back. A beautiful walk in idyllic surroundings. JB played masterly, me not so much.

Having played golf regularly a couple of decades ago, I decided that before my game with JB, all I needed were a few concentrated practise sessions.

In turn, this led to finding and using some excellent on-line golf instruction. Unsurprising, for the short time that I had, this led to overthinking my swing.

In Dr Bob Rotella’s informative book ‘How Champions Think’ he points out that the majority of great golfing names (Nicklaus included) stayed with the same coach and swing throughout their careers.

They kept it simple—but that does not mean easy.

A trading style has the same battle. We’re forever tweaking, following guru advice and looking for the thing the other person is doing.

The week before last Nick and Zoe (and Rubix, a 14 kg puppy) visited staying in a holiday villa we’d booked nearby. I took the week off trading (sensibly), but this still allowed me a few hours each early morning to backtest and reflect on my trading strategy.

My most consistent results come from a simple trading method. An approach fundamentally unchanged for as long as I can recall but steadily improved upon within its bounds.

With this strategy, time after time, I know it when I see it—my entry method, risk and target. Bang, done. Emotion does not have much hope of interceding.

I’m pleasantly pleased with my results this week with my simplified routine.

I’d define it as a short-term micro breakout with context trade. I’m particularly content with the plans regimen and, as it’s a breakout, it’s often quick conclusion.

Fund results to follow in a while and in particular the stats—in isolation—of this micro breakout method.

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