Psychology and data

The following short videos, only several minutes long, are sporting applications that may be applicable to our day trading.

The first video ‘the psychology on winning’, in the cricket part, the ‘challenge state’ and the ‘threat state’ is discussed. Synonymous possibly to a trader’s daily situation.

It also highlights how some people view pressure as a challenge. They are folks that are able to focus on things that they can influence rather than on uncertainties. And how visualisation develops a perception of control.

The next video, ‘how data transformed the NBA’ has a correlation to data building of our trades taken. Something we will consider is recording outcomes of specific trade setups and subcategories of those setups to build an NBA type analysis from hundreds of findings.

In his superb book ‘Enlightenment Now’ Steven Pinker provides a mountain of balanced positivity on how life is getting better. Even some read across in his discussions to day trading: (1) appreciating uncertainty and seeing multiple sides; (2) comfortable at thinking in guesstimates; (3) anti impulsive distrusting first gut feelings; (4) ask themselves: are there holes in this reasoning; (5) disciplined to avoid cognitive biases; (6) intuition is not the best guide; and (7) vehemently reject (the idea that) chance or fate play a part.

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