Slow Trader Fund update

 An increase in Slow Trader Fund profits and new investment added. See table below.

Day trading:

  • A day traded fund in Forex is deemed as risky by most. To trade this way attracts the boom and bust people. Hence the planned European increase in the margin that we have discussed.
  • Day traders that are not boom and bust have to accept an extended skill learning period, which few are prepared to do.

Day trade amount:

  • Over time we plan to trade the Slow Trader Fund at a risk that is 1/50th of the fund per trade. (throughout our skill development period we have bet at about 1/100th). We take several trades per session.
  • For example, take a Forex day trade with a £50,000 funded account. Such a statement would attract a deal of £500 risk with the option of a second entry also of £500 making £1000 risk  (1/50th) per concurrent trade.

How we’re doing:

  • We take statistics of ‘how we’re doing’ from batches of 20 trades. We accept a loss rate of 4 to 6 trades out of 20 – therefore a 70% to 80% win ratio. Anything less requires a review of tactics. A 50% loss rate would necessitate a review of the underlying strategy. (More recently, several weeks, we’ve achieved a 77% win ratio.)

Commodity trading:

  • We are also looking at reintroducing longer-term commodity trades to the Slow Trader fund. Both Forex day trading and longer term commodity trading use the same strategy with the addition that the commodity trades would only be in agreement with the COT report.

 Slow Trader Fund withdrawals:

  • As we primarily day trade, funds can be withdrawn at minimum notice. Withdrawals of your full lot amounts (e.g. JB2) would be preferential.

Trade timetable:

  • We aim to trade the fund for 200 days annually. Manageable, but we don’t trade weekends, some of the USA or UK national holidays, times of significant news due to unpredictability and most Friday afternoons.

The last four lots are new money as of 1st March 2018.

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